Knowing what’s in my food and the food I feed my family is important to me. And since you are reading this page, knowing what’s in your food is probably important to you too.

I use fresh, organic when possible, ingredients that don’t contain GMOs or artificial colors. And I am so excited to bring you delicious treats made with these ingredients.



Organic unsalted butter, cream, and milk.  Organic sugar.



Baked goods are made fresh to order using fresh ingredients, including eggs from our local farmers market gathered just days before use.



Organic ingredients, by law, cannot contain GMOs so I select organic ingredients whenever possible.  When organic ingredients aren’t available I make every effort to source non-GMO Project verified and GMO-free (unverified) ingredients.


Belgian Chocolate

I use pure Belgian milk and dark chocolate from a company in Belgium that uses non GMO soy lecithin. They require that their suppliers guarantee and document complete traceability and identity preservation from soy bean to lecithin.


Natural Colors

The beautiful food colors you see here are made with plant extracts. Baked goods, frostings, and icings do not contain any FDC artificial food coloring.


Marshmallow Fondant

Occasionally I create decorations or toppings using homemade marshmallow fondant. For the fondant, I use Kosher marshmallows. I make every effort to use marshmallows that do not contain corn syrup or artificial colors and I use only natural colors to tint the fondant. These fondant decorations are edible (and actually quite yummy) but they can also be easily removed or excluded from your order if you wish.



All products are labeled with a complete ingredient list.


If you have any questions about our ingredients please don’t hesitate to ask!